Sexual Rejuvenation

Sexual Rejuvenation

Sexual Rejuvenation services offered in Tyler, TX

At Integrative Health Matters, we are pleased to offer safe and effective regenerative medicine therapies to support your sexual and overall health. 

Sexual Rejuvenation Q&A

What’s different about sexual rejuvenation at Integrative Health Matters?

At Integrative Health Matters, our sexual rejuvenation programs were developed by a conventionally-trained board-certified urologist, Dr. Adrienne Carmack, who has extensive training in regenerative and integrative medicine.

At Integrative Health Matters, we embrace safe and effective conventional therapies as well as innovative healing support such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and use of nutraceuticals.

What sexual rejuvenation services do you offer? 

Platelet-rich plasma injections (P-Shot)  

What is it? The P-shot treatment involves drawing your own blood, isolating your own platelets, and injecting them back into your body at the areas where we want to stimulate healing.

How does it work? Platelets are a key part of your body’s natural healing response. Platelets release growth factors which stimulate your tissues to regenerate. Targeted delivery of platelets triggers healing in the places where you want healing to occur.

Shockwave Therapy 

At IHM, we offer full-protocol low intensity shockwave therapy for men for erectile dysfunction. We also use shockwave therapy to enhance the effectiveness of PRP injections (P-Shot).


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

At Integratice Health Matters, we have a safe mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy tank that is an excellent adjunct to regenerative services. Oxygen promotes healing. We offer this as part of our PRP injections (P-Shot) and as an optional add-on to Shockwave Therapy.

We also offer bio-identical hormone pellet therapy. We perform careful testing to maximize safety. Bio-identical hormones match the hormones your body makes naturally and are safer than synthesized hormones that are not bio-identical.

Common Questions  

Do treatments hurt? We use anesthetic creams and lidocaine injections when needed to make these procedures comfortable. With this, most people feel no to mild discomfort. 

Who can have these treatments? Most people are able to undergo PRP injections and shockwave therapy. There are a few conditions for which special precautions can be taken, which your providers will screen for. The procedures cannot be done in those who have a penile implant. Some medications may need to be stopped. Those who have very low platelet counts, who must take blood-thinners, who have a history of blood clots or other blood disorders, who have active cancers or tumors, or who are immunocompromised may not be able to have some or all of these treatments.

What are the side effects? The side effect rate is very low with all of these procedures. For full details, please watch the videos, available on our website at ihm.life/rejuvenate

How much do sexual rejuvenation services cost? Treatment options are available that range in pricing from $397 and up. You will need a provider consultation to discuss your options.

How do I prepare and what do I need to do afterwards? You will be given a before and after care worksheet with guidelines.

How long do these treatments last? These treatments do stimulate actual healing, which may be permanent. However, deterioration may continue to occur as it did prior to your treatment. Maintenance regimens will vary and can be discussed with your provider.

How long do these treatments take? All of these treatments are done in our office. They generally take between 30 minutes to 1 hour. You will be able to return to regular activity immediately after the treatment, with only a few restrictions. 

What research is there to support these treatments? Great question! CLICK HERE to be directed to research on sexual health therapies.

How do I get started? Please call us today at 903-595-8077 or click here to schedule a informational call.

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