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Guy O. Danielson, MD

Board Certified Neurosurgeon in Tyler for over 40 years. Trailblazer in Functional and Regenerative Medicine. 

Dedicated to putting healing back into Healthcare.

Kyrin Dunston, MD

Board Certified OBGYN. Trained in Functional Medicine. Dedicated to helping clients achieve optimal health and vitality. Favorite quote: "Your were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" - Rumi

Karol Spence, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Nutrition and health has been Karol’s life-long passion. Dedicated to helping clients implement new habits, so they won’t miss out on what  life truly has to offer.  Favorite quote: “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.”

Sheri Danielson, LCSW, Integrative Health Coach

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Integrative Health Coach for over 20 year that believes in cultivating happiness. Favorite quote: "without joy there is no health, and no healing without joy."

Let's put healing back in healthcare.

Our Mission

Our motivating and driving mission at Integrative Health Matters in Tyler, is to provide healing and hope for our patients. We help our clients achieve optimal health through individualized and compassionate care, we're committed to changing the course of our clients’ lives. By helping them change, we will change our community and by changing our community, we will ultimately help to change our world. 

Teaching Kitchen

Food is the real medicine. Through our innovative, hands-on cooking program, we aim to inspire healthy change through food education. Diseases, chronic conditions, inflammation, immune system disorders are often attributed to our diets. Food is the medicine that can fix the problem. We help you create an Organic based diet – with assessment and individualizing your diet – our Nutritionist will get to know you, and create a custom plan.

Before Birth

Give your child a head start for great health. We're helping woman before conception with a simple concept, “Healthy Mom, Healthy Child.”  Women can maximize their health before starting a family. Research supports the advantages of breast milk; however, mothers can unknowingly transfer unhealthy components to their child. New mothers have the opportunity to provide exceptional healthy breast milk by adopting the right living plan.

Children & Teenagers

The formative years are when lifestyle habits are formed. The earlier a family can adopt a healthy living lifestyle then the greater the odds for long term success for their children. More is gained by building good habits into a child then trying to fix an adult. What a gift for your child to be able to grow up with an ingrained healthy living wayof life.


As adults it gets harder and harder to make lifestyle changes, but healthy living is still achievable. This is where our Doctors and staff are trained to work along side you to enable your success. In addition to diligence in determining your medical assessment we also understand the challenges for changing behavior and maintaining proper motivation.

Active Older Adults

People are living longer but not necessarily living well. Too many seniors have a decade or more of a low quality of life. Dementia has increased at an alarming rate among seniors. Mobility issues can also rob enjoyment from life. These and other compromising conditions facing seniors can be avoidable and reversible.


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