If you’ve been looking for ways to clean up your environment, let this new year be renewed effort for non-toxic living!

We encounter many harmful and toxic substances in our everyday lives, some avoidable and some harder to limit. Although we cannot always avoid contact with these toxicants, our home environments are within our control for some positive non-toxic changes.

Here are 5 small steps to non-toxic living in 2021!

  1. Choose organic foods as much as possible to avoid consumption of pesticide residues that can be harmful to our health. Use the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to guide organic produce choices.
  2. Filter your water with the appropriate filter for your home. Use the EWG’s Tap Water Database to learn about the contaminants in your local public water, and use the water filter guide to choose which filter will be right for your home.
  3. Clean better with non-toxic home cleaning supplies. There are many companies cleaning up their products to source natural ingredients that are better for you and the environment. Companies like Branch Basics and Force of Nature, among many others, are clearing the confusion when it comes to non-toxic cleaning.
  4. Breathe clean air in 2021 by keeping your home clean, dusted, vacuumed, and frequently ventilated. Be sure to change your air filters regularly, and even consider investing in an air purifier for the rooms in your home where you spend the most time, particularly the bedroom! Companies like Air Doctor and Austin Air, among many others, are working to change indoor air quality for better health.

Rethink your personal care and beauty products with the Skin Deep Database from the EWG. Many of our most commonly used bath and beauty items contain toxic ingredients that have the potential to throw off our hormonal health. Check your products with Skin Deep to learn if you may need to switch brands to safer options!