Testing We Provide

IgG Food Sensitivity Profile
The IgG food sensitivity profile measures IgG antibodies to 87 foods. This helps determines foods your body may be reacting to, which can contribute to symptoms such as autoimmune disease, fatigue, migraines, rashes, and more. This test is often used in conjunction with an elimination diet to truly determine which foods may be causing you problems and help us determine the diet that is optimal for your body.

Essential Estrogens Test
The Essential Estrogens test measures hormone metabolites in urine. The way estrogen is metabolized is influenced by your genetics and nutritional needs. Some estrogen metabolites contribute to disease risks, such as prostate and breast cancer, so ensuring these are optimal can go a long way towards risk reduction.

Toxin Profile
A toxin profile is a blood and urine test that looks at your overall toxic burden relating to exposure to multiple environmental toxins such as BPA and DDT. This test measures 43 toxins that can contribute to current health issues and future health risks.

SIBO Breath Test
A SIBO breath test can help determine whether symptoms of gas or bloating may be caused by bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, which guides treatment in restoring gut health.

4-point Salivary Cortisol
For those with evidence of chronic stress, sleep disturbances, or other hormonal balances, a 4-point salivary cortisol can be useful. This test measures your cortisol levels throughout the day and can be used to determine nutrient needs as well as herbal support to help with stress and sleep.

Neurotransmitter Profile
We offer a neurotransmitter profile, which can help determine imbalances in key neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA. This can be useful for issues such as cognitive function, sleep challenges, and anxiety.

Heavy Metal Blood Panel and Mercury Tri-Test
For those with more advanced testing needs beyond the toxic elements checked in NutrEval, we also offer Quicksilver’s heavy metal blood panel and mercury tri-test. These tests help pinpoi