Alycia Arellano, RN, BSN

Alycia Arellano, RN, BSN


Practical experience

Alycia Arellano is a UT Tyler graduate. She received her BSN in 2016, and began her nursing career in cardiology and vascular health at the Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital, here in Tyler.

She has had experience in caring for a patient population with a variety of different heart and vascular health issues, such as heart failure, acute chest pain, pacemaker implantation, amputations, kidney disease, and many other chronic health diseases faced by our world today.

Journey to Integrative Health

Alycia was led to functional medicine after learning about how we can help our patients and our community prevent chronic health diseases by early intervention and education. She is passionate about chronic disease prevention, after experiencing firsthand how many of the traditional approaches have not been beneficial for long-term healing.


Alycia is passionate about community centered wellness and attends many of Tyler’s community events and farmers markets to learn about how the community is practicing sustainability.


Alycia enjoys making fresh plant-based meals for her family, and loves learning how to create a more sustainable lifestyle. She practices yoga and meditation for daily mental clarity and stress relief, and enjoys grounding herself outside, while spending time with her husband and two children.