The foods we eat greatly determine the status of our health. If you’re looking to finally find relief from negative health symptoms and remove the foods that are causing those issues, an elimination diet may be right for you.

What is an elimination diet?

Essentially, an elimination diet consists of two parts – elimination of a majority of trigger foods, and a careful reintroduction to those same foods after your body has adjusted to less stress and inflammation. As you add individual foods back into your diet, you’ll take notice of any new symptoms, and adjust accordingly.

During the reintroduction phase our physicians recommends only adding one food type back at a time, and that it should be in its purest form. Some foods may consist of more than one type of allergen you have eliminated. She gives the example of a chocolate bar that contains cacao, sugar, and milk. In this case, opt for using cacao powder instead of the whole bar.

Our physicians say that a common cause of many health issues is food sensitivities, which can take form as a true allergy or as another form of intolerance (like lactose intolerance). Our elimination diets focus on removing both food allergies and food sensitivities that are likely to cause allergic reactions and sensitivity reactions.

Benefits of an Elimination Diet

There are many benefits to trying an elimination diet, but the best benefit is that it helps you discover the source of negative health symptoms.

Dr. Mark Hyman, chairman of The Institute for Functional Medicine, sheds light on symptoms of food sensitivities: “The key to determining food sensitivities (as opposed to food allergies) is that the food sensitivity might have a slow response or reaction. We’re talking about symptoms like bloating, brain fog, poor sleep, poor digestion, skin rashes – these symptoms can all be caused by food sensitivities.”

This elimination – and slow reintroduction – process greatly guides your investigation of what exactly is causing your symptoms.

Additionally, those who try Elimination Diets frequently report that not only do they determine food sensitivities, but also experience “increased energy, mental alertness, a decrease in muscle or joint pain, and a general sense of improved well-being.”

Why should I try an elimination diet?

If you have experienced consistent health symptoms, yet feel uncertain of their source, then an elimination diet may be the right choice for you! By eliminating reactive foods from your system, you will be able to more closely pay attention to when something feels off in your body.

Our physicians remind us that “not only does this diet aid in identifying unrecognized sensitivities, but it also helps with detoxing and resetting your system.” If you are looking not just to lose weight, but to finally feel better as a whole, this may be the right process for you.

Interested in learning more?

If you’d like tips on proceeding with an elimination diet, schedule a health coach visit today! Our team is here for you throughout the entire process for support and recommendations. We offer a sample menu with recipes, food list, symptom tracker, and more to help you finally feel better.

If you are unsure, our providers can help you determine whether an elimination diet is the right first step and what other approaches are also likely to help. Give us a call at (903) 595-8077, or click the link below to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation!

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