Corporate Wellness

Your unique plan for optimal employee health.

Forward-looking employers, fed-up physicians, and patients are wising up. We can change health care for the better through our Corporate Wellness Program.

As an employer, you have the opportunity to bring health to your business by supplying health resources to your employees. At Integrative Health Matters, we provide corporate wellness programs that supply education, resources, and care to you and your team. The investment with us is nontraditional, but we deliver high value care with personalized visits and a team-based approach all within the walls of your company! We minimize reliance on pharmaceuticals because we have the time and resources to offer diet and lifestyle coaching and pharmaceutical- grade supplements that work.

As an employer, you make decisions every day that affect the lives of your employees and their families. Health care is a huge part of this. At IHM, we want to work with you to minimize health care spending waste and deliver affordable, quality care with real results that your employees can enjoy. A healthy business consists of healthy employees. Call our office today to find out how to make this important investment in your company.

At Integrative Health Matters, we offer customized programs to help you meet your employees’ needs. Call us at 903-595-8077 or click the button below.