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Hailey Leach

Hailey Leach

Alexis Ormes, ND*

Hailey Leach, BSN, RN
Clinical Supervisor


Practical Experience

Hailey graduated from UT Tyler, June 2019, with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). She began her nursing career as a cardiac nurse with CHRISTUS Louis and Peaches Owens Heart Hospital of Tyler. Hailey specialized as a Telemetry nurse caring for heart failure, heart attacks and dysrhythmias during her time there. She has extensive care experience with cardiac catheterizations, emergent cardioversions, vasoactive medications and caring for patients with a total heart functionality less than 30%. Hailey is also certified as a Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN) giving her the ability to monitor, assess and provide responsive care to acutely ill patients at increased risk for complications. 

Journey to Integrative Health

While on her cardiac career journey, a conversation with a patient’s family member changed the path of her nursing journey. With a deep passion to see her patients overcome medical obstacles, she was intrigued about the concept of using a functional approach to medicine. This single conversation led to late nights exploring what proactive approaches, beyond symptom management, were possible for a chronic diagnosis. It was then that Hailey reenergized her passion for patient care beyond symptom management, to a new focus of education, prevention, and root cause analysis. 



Hailey has a passion for continual learning.  As she learns, she works to also understand.  This understanding enables her to translate her knowledge to her patients in a practical, easily understandable manner.  She believes practical knowledge empowers a patient to take the initiative in and ownership of their health and healing.



Hailey enjoys the great outdoors, her two dogs, playing music at her church, sewing, and gardening. She has a love for animals and spends her free time working with local animal shelters in need.