Casey Tucker

Casey Tucker

Casey is a Tyler native, born and raised. Casey has worked closely with people in every position before joining IHM. Casey is a great communicator, organizer and has a knack for working schedules efficiently.

Journey to Integrative Health

Casey is fascinated with the thought of being able to heal your own body. When she first heard about functional medicine, she wanted to know more. She started educating herself by reading articles and watching documentaries. Integrative Health Matters was the perfect fit for Casey where she is able to work closely with patients and encourage people on their journey to health.


Casey has a passion for watching people get better and better until they are able to live their lives again. Casey gets the opportunity daily at IHM to see people find joy and get excited about a healthy future.


Casey has one puppy named Mille. Casey loves traveling, reading, yoga, and being outside with Millie.