Sheri Danielson


Sheri has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Integrative Health Coach for over 20 years. Working primarily with chronic pain patients who were also experiencing mood or  adjustment disorders, Sheri's work focused on improving their quality of life through behavioral health strategies. "What I came to realize was that my patients/clients had so much power over their outcome, no matter the problem or disability, primarily through their daily lifestyle choices."

Sheri's journey

“I became absorbed with finding ways to help empower people to take control of their health and their happiness and to basically be the STAR of their treatment team!In 2014, I enrolled in Duke University’s Integrative Health Coaching Program. This was a game changer for me as I met providers from all over the country, nurses, medical doctors, therapists, who were frustrated with our medical system, the declining health of our country, and were looking for new skills to help their clients regain their health.”

Finding Food

Sheri continued her training through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy where she learned even more about the Functional Medicine model of root cause medicine.On a personal level, Sheri began embracing the organic food movement and thinking about food as medicine, not just something for hunger! “I was MORTIFIED to learn what’s happened to our food supply and what kind of food I had been eating and providing my family. I dove into finding and cooking food that was high quality and delicious. Cooking and eating amazing REAL food is my passion! I love to work with people who are curious about healthy food and how changing their relationship with food can transform their health.”


“As a coach, we will work together on behavior changes and implementing healthy choices. We’ll do this by discovering your “why”. We’ll set goals that you can and will reach, by breaking them down into steps that are doable. We’ll celebrate your successes and navigate the setbacks together. Having a health coach means you’re not alone. You’ve got an advocate who is trained to help you on the road to recovery and improvement in all the areas of your life that effect personal wellness. I’m thrilled to be a part of bringing Integrative and Functional Medicine to Tyler and East Texas!”