Kyrin Dunston, MD

Welcome Kyrin!

Integrative Health Matters has welcomed board certified OBGYN Kyrin Dunston to its functional medical practice in Tyler. Dr. Dunston has more than 20 years of medical experience. She is fellowship trained in metabolic, nutritional and functional medicine. Kyrin specializes in integrative and functional medicine and a lifetime of dedication to helping clients achieve optimal health and vitality.  

Kyrin's experience

In addition to having owned and operated her own practice, being fellowship trained in functional medicine and now treating patients at Integrative Health Matters, Dr. Dunston is something of a “doctorpreneur,” focused on delivering inspiration and education to her clients and the greater community. She is a sought after speaker, teacher, author and health coach.  

Her personal journey

Her passion for helping patients transform their lives using natural remedies is it born out out of her own journey to overcome failing health. Dunston shares her personal journey of how she went from weighing more than 240 pounds and depressed to living a life of joy and purpose.   

Dr. Dunston was a successful OBGYN running a multimillion-dollar practice, a wife and a mother, but she was miserable.

“From the outside, I looked like I had everything most people ever want in life. On the inside, I was dying,” Dr. Dunston says. “I weighed 243 pounds, slept all the time, hurt all over, my hair was falling out, I had no sex drive, I was depressed and anxious and no matter what I ate, I had an upset stomach.”   

Dr. Dunston tried everything she knew as a board certified physician to figure out what was wrong and correct it, but all of her medical tests consistently returned normal. Nothing she tried helped, and no doctor who saw her had answers.    

"I was really in a hopeless place. And then I discovered something called functional and integrative medicine that used special tests to identify the root cause of disease and symptoms and used natural treatments to heal the body so the symptoms resolved. I used it to heal myself, and then my patients saw the transformation in me."   

Dr. Dunston used specialized tests she did not learn about in medical training to identify what was causing her symptoms and treat them naturally with vitamins, minerals, herbs, natural hormones and lifestyle changes. Over the course of two years, Dr. Dunston lost 100 pounds, restored her energy, hair and eliminated the chronic pain, gastrointestinal disturbance and depression she thought she’d live with for the rest of her life.    

"I know what it feels like to be sick and not get answers from your doctor. I know what it feels like to feel fairly hopeless, that you’ll never feel better or ever live a better life, and I also know what it’s like to find the answer finally and the relief you feel when you find it."   

Dr. Dunston says no treatment she ever prescribed as an OBGYN had ever restored a patient’s life in the way functional medicine transformed hers. After experiencing the difference, Dr. Dunston knew she could no longer practice traditional medicine.    

"I could no longer give people drugs to control symptoms. I had to provide this type of medicine for everyone. I have dedicated my life to the practice of helping people heal from their roots on up, so they can be optimally healthy and ultimately live lives that they love,” she says.   

Her new home at Integrative Health Matters

Now Dr. Dunston exclusively practices functional medicine and treats patients at Integrative Health Matters, which combines traditional medical practices and natural treatments to provide patients holistic, individualized health care plans based on the results of a variety of specialty lab tests to help identify underlying root causes of symptoms.    

"What drew me to integrative health matters is the tremendous vision of Dr. Guy Danielson and his wife, Sherri, and the incredible innovative world-class center they are building in Tyler, Texas,” Dr. Dunston says.    

The practice utilizes a comprehensive toolkit of alternative treatments that include nutritional coaching, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, massage, yoga, sauna, meditation and more.   

"Our approach at Integrative Health Matters to diagnosing what’s wrong with you and why you’re having the health problems you’re having is different from traditional medicine. Yes we do some traditional blood tests, but we use all of these out of the box tests to identify the root cause of what’s wrong with you,” she said.  

 "Patients ask me all the time, why didn’t my regular doctor tell me about this. What I say to them is that they don’t know, but when you know better, you do better. I love being the doctor who can help somebody really know what’s wrong with them and why they are having the symptoms they are having, especially when they’ve been searching for answers for so long. It’s why I do what I do."