Guy Danielson, MD

Frequently asked question

The first question Guy usually gets is: What is Integrative Health and why does it matter? The definition of integrative is to make whole or bring together. This practice combines traditional medical care with complementary or non-mainstream medicine.

A different approach

The things that make Guy unique is what makes our practice unique. He is patient centered, this means we spend a lot of time with our patients and pay attention to their entire story, including their environment and lifestyle. Guy is also science-based, the human body and mind is the most complex system on the planet. We incorporate the study of biochemistry, physiology, genetics, and behavioral medicine that we studied for our professional degrees. The goal is to discover the underlying causes of disease.... Why the problem is there in the first place.

Putting healing back in healthcare

20% of healthcare problems are due to acute events such as automobile accidents, infections, heart attacks or strokes. Our present healthcare system is excellent at addressing these issues. Where we fall short is addressing the other 80% that are due to chronic diseases. These include diabetes, obesity, cancer, neurological problems, auto immune diseases, chronic pain and arthritis. The Mayo Clinic Medical Journal reported that less than 3% of adults in USA were considered to have a healthy lifestyle.We are living longer but we are sicker than we've ever been. Our current healthcare system is not equipped to handle this. The answer is not another pill. We must wake up and take responsibility.

In idea whose time has come

Research has proven that what we eat, what we do and how we think make all the difference in the world. Obviously the process is going to take time so we can't expect immediate results. Our bodies are self healing miracles and we at Integrative Health Matters are discovering that with every new patient we can help make a difference. We are certain that this is truly an idea whose time has come.